The Construction Safety Act will make construction sites safer by reducing safety violations and strengthening crane regulations

Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, Housing And Buildings Committee Chair Jumaane Williams, And Council Members Announce Construction Safety Act

The Construction Safety Act will make construction sites safer by reducing safety violations and strengthening crane regulationsCity Hall – Today, Speaker Mark-Viverito, Housing and Buildings Committee Chair Jumaane Williams and Council Members announced that they will introduce the Construction Safety Act, a comprehensive package of legislation to strengthen construction and crane safety regulations in New York City. These bills were drafted in response to an alarming increase in construction site injuries and fatalities. The Construction Safety Act aims to address the longstanding issues of lax compliance with local construction codes and carelessness on the behalf of contractors.

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  • 1419 would require a MINIMUM $500,000.00 fine (up to 1.5 million) for any violation accompanying a fatality or SERIOUS physical injury. 
  • 1421 GPS to be required on cranes.
  • 1422 crane boom lowering is only allowed under certain conditions. 
  • 1423 DOB to report on all sheds in NYC, names, addresses, companies, owners, violations, etc. 
  • 1427 requires a residence to be further defined as spending 15 or more hours a week there.
  • 1429 all workers to receive task specific safety instructions when a hazardous operation is to take place or when task is required to have it supervised by a license.   
  • 1431 Registering lift directors by 7-1-18.  
  • 1432 All city financed projects to only use contractors with an approved NYS apprenticeship program to be effective IMMEDIATELY. 
  • 1433 This would require DOB to post by June 2017 all injuries to workers and/or members of the public on its website every month as well as whether the worker was a union member. 
  • 1435 require all cranes to have a Data Recording Device.
  • 1436 this would require DOB to report to City Council on the status of every SSM/SSC application, how many, duration of background, number of site safety projects, etc. 
  • 1437 this requires the doubling of civil penalties if a contractor’s “violation ratio” (# of violations divided by square footage) exceeds the violation ratio of 90 % of other contractors. 
  • 1442 assigning one of 5 tiers to safety registration holders. 
  • 1444 requires all workers to receive orientations, not just major buildings, in the language of their choice.
  • 1445 requiring nets, guardrails to protect shaftways and openings. 
  • 1446 creating B1 and B2 HMO licensing.
  • 1447 requires a 10-Hour OSHA for all workers.  Also requires apprenticeships for all major building projects.
  • 1448 requires site safety plans and SSM/SSC on buildings 4 stories or taller.

Download complete NYC Council Construction Safety Act Bills


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